Outdoor safety for those who are active adventurers

Every adventurer enjoys the freedom to explore with the chance to view the most beautiful locations across varying landscapes and terrains. The experience to endure an exciting and stimulating adventure activity also comes with physical demands and potential outdoor safety hazards that could leave your personal safety exposed. The Medifile.me ID card can provide assurance of your adventure and outdoor safety no matter how big or small your escapade.

Once you have purchased your Medifile.me ID card:

Now you have the band

Medifile.me will send you your unique ID card through the post


Go online to Medifile.me and securely register your unique ID number along
with your medical information and next of kin details


Your data and medical information will be securely stored on the Medifile.me database


Live, enjoy and experience life with peace of mind for you and your family

What the Medifile.me wristband will contain

The Medifile.me ID card is laid out as follows.
The Global URL [1] is the link that will be used to access the information stored about the owner of the card.
The Medifile.me site will ask for the unique ID number and PIN [2] printed on the card, using this emergency services will be able to access the details you have saved about your medical requirements/conditions, emmergency contact etc...

1Online Global URL - will be printed on your ID card in red

2 Unique ID Number


Use our secure payment gateway to purchase your MediFile.me Subscription. Please make sure to double check your address as dilivery will be made to the address provided.

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